Custom Small solar Panel for IoT project and industrial applications
High efficiency Rigid Monocrystalline Solar Panel
portable solar panel charger for generator
Premium SunPower Back Contact Rigid Solar Panel
Custom Small Solar Panel for IoT project and industrial applications
Rigid Monocrystalline Polycrystalline Solar Panel for RV Camping Camera
High Efficiency SunPower Flexible Marine Solar Panel Module
Portable Solar panel charger for generator battery charging
Premium SunPower Back Contact Rigid Solar Panel
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Welcome to FroSun Technology Co.,Ltd

Since 2008,Frosun Technology Co.,Limited has been engaged in Research &Design,manufacturing and sale of solar panels and solar power related products,is a Green Tech manufacturer with over 12 years of technical expertise.We provide the high quality solar panels,including custom small solar panels,flexible solar panels,rigid solar panels and portable solar panels,which is widely used in IoT device,RV,marine boat,camping,rooftop and other off grid solar power system .


Custom Small solar Panel Manufacturer

With 12+ years of experience in photovoltaic sector,we understand the design, testing, qualification, production.We continually focus on driving down the costs and increasing the reliability of our PV technology.


Custom Sized Solar Panel Factory

We select premium raw materials ,such as FIRST Brand EVA film,SunPower Maxeon Solar Cells,AGC ETFE Film.Our comprehensive and closely meshed quality control system makes sure that every products satisfies FroSun quality standards.


Custom Solar Powered Solution

We make your idea work!We pride ourselves in our work and our expert ablity to help our customers design and build customized solar solutions for a variety of applications.


Custom Small solar Panel

Custom Solar Panel

SunPower ETFE Flexible Solar Panel for RV Camping Marine

Flexible Solar Panel

Rigid monocrystalline polycrystalline solar panel

Rigid Solar Panel

Portable Solar Panel Suitcase Charger

Portable Solar Panel

Solar Security Garden Lights

Solar Security Light

Stand Alone Wireless Solar Powered Security Surveillance Camera System

Solar Surveillance System


Custom Solar Panel for Bike Sharing

Bike sharing is very popular in China.The company Mobike provides a bike sharing service to fulfill urban short trips – anytime, to any legal parking destination – by combining innovation and today’s IoT (Internet of Things) technology.Their system requires that each bike be equipped with a GPS tracker, and these trackers are powered by a small solar panel.   

Enter FroSun,our powerful solar panel is thin and lightweight. By using FroSun custom solar panel, the company is able to track their bicycles and reduce maintenance costs.

Custom Small Solar Panel for Bike Sharing
High Efficiency Lightweight Solar Panels for Bus Industry

Solar Panel for the Bus Industry

A bus runs many miles every year .Normally the bus is driven by diesel fuel with the well-known negative effects of NOx and CO2 emission. 

We provided our client the powerful solar panel for their double-deck bus.The lightweight solar panels are installed on directly to bus rooftop.This solar system supplies electricity to the USB chargers and also drives the ventilating fans of the air-conditioning system and  engine compartment.By using FroSun powerful solar panels,the bus reduces the fuel consumption. It’s a win-win solution for the bus company and our environment.