0.6Watt 5 Volt ETFE Small Sunpower Solar Panel


  • Using Surface Mounted Technology (SMT).
  • Sunpower solar cell with efficiencies of up to 23% guarantee high power output
  • Matte ETFE Coating and no busbar on panel surface
  • ETFE film as surface encapsulation material makes a long service life.
  • Waterproof & UV resistant
  • Excellent performance under low light environments



  • Cell Type: High Efficiency Sunpower Solar Cell
  • Maximum Power at STC*:  0.6 Watt
  • Optimum Operating Voltage (Vmp):  5V
  • Optimum OperatingCurrent (Imp): 120 m A
  • Open-Circuit voltage (Voc):  6.36 V
  • Short-Circuit Current (Isc):  130mA
  • Power tolerance: -3/+3%
  • Surface Coating : durable, high transmittance ETFE film
  • Backplate: PCB(FR-4 double-sided construction)
  • Size:  65×65 mm
  • Thickness:2.3mm±0.2mm
  • Cable Length& Connector:Custom Options
  • Working temperature: -30℃~80℃
  • Standard Test Condition(STC*): AM=1.5,E=1000W/M2 ,Tc=25°C

* FroSun Technology Co.,Limited reserves the right to change any product without prior notice.